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      Joyson and FAW Build Joint Lab for BMS, Power Electronics

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      Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Joyson Advanced Energy, a R&D unit of Joyson Electronics, has joined hands with the new energy development arm of China First Automobile Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW Group, to build a joint lab dedicated to the R&D of battery management system and power electronics, Joyson Electronics stated on Wednesday via its WeChat account.

      Through the newly-unveiled joint lab, both parties will co-work on the projects in NEV electronic control system area and based on FAW Hongqi's new energy technology deployment, and jointly develop BMS (battery management system) and power electronic products for NEVs.

      The technologies the cooperation focuses on are vital to future promotion and application of NEVs, and will aid the deployment of fast-charging facilities and the enhancement of driving range and battery safety, said Joyson Electronics.

      Wholly-owned by Joyson Electronics, Joyson Advanced Energy engages in the R&D of BMS, power electronics, and energy storage products.

      Joyson Electronics said its commercially used integrated charging-discharging solution has basically taken shape. To guarantee power battery safety and improve batteries' service life, the company has grasped the capabilities of researching, developing, and manufacturing the BMS built on 12V, 48V, 400V, and 800V platforms, and the products have been put into commercial use in NEV models of global mainstream OEMs.

      Joyson Electronics said it is dedicated to commercializing high-power charging, wireless charging units and in-car power electronics. Regarding this field, the company has mass-produced the products including charging and booster modules, multifunctional DC/DC voltage converters, and in-car chargers.

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