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      China Automotive News Honors Joyson as an Excellent Smart Car Solution Supplier

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      (2021.12.09) Ningbo, China China Automotive News released the 18th Top100 Auto Parts Suppliers List recently. Joyson achieved the honor as an Excellent Smart Car Solution Supplier. Nowadays, Joyson is focusing on several new strategic business tracks, such as intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving and E-Mobility, etc. From the aspects of automotive technology and the manufacturing, this giant of the auto electronics works hard to help customers around the world gain a leading position in the wave of automotive intelligence and electrification.

      Including the functions, hardware and software services, the intelligent cockpit products of Joyson Electronics has been upgraded from a single product that got a leading performance in the areas about the human-machine interface and the car infotainment and navigation systems, to be the total solution of intelligent cockpit. Next with the improvement and development of car intelligent domain control, Joyson Electronics has the ability to provide the complete cockpit solution of software and hardware for the carmakers, such as domain controller, operating system, as well as theapplication layer.

      From the beginning of this year, Joyson took aim at the high-level intelligent driving market. Especially, the Joyson Intelligent Automotive Research Institute, which is a subsidiary of Joyson, is speeding up the research and development of the auto driving domain controllers for the L2++ to L4 automation driving. Besides this controller area, Joyson has boosted its service toward the autonomous driving simulation test, and pursued lots of research results.

      At present, the intelligentization of automobile has become a trend in the global automobile industry. With the advent of new semiconductors, new electronic and electrical architectures, and various advanced technologies, suppliers need to possess a strong supply chain management capabilities, as well as international and regional R&D and production capacity layout. Currently, Joyson is equipped with the R&D facilities and advanced production capacity in all major markets around the world. Moreover, the firm has also built a flat and diversified supply chain that can quickly respond to the requirement of customers.

      This event was sponsored by the China Automotive News. And in ranking of TOP 100 of Chinese automotive parts which released by this agency in the middle of this year, Joyson ranked the No.4. That means the firm has been a representative of the automotive electronics and information technologies globally. Meanwhile, and got a strong influence on the automotive supplier chain. 

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