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      Joyson Safety Achieves the Automotive Safety Tech Driven Award

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      (2021.11.04) Ningbo, China The New Car Assessment Program has always played a key role in the steady development of the automotive industry. Since the release of the first version of the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) in 2006, this program has upgraded for five times. What’s more, the 2021 version of C-NCAP that will be the most new one, will be officially implemented in January 2022.

      Actually, the technologies of the supplier chain and each participant will get a progress and a new evaluation as the upgrade of the New Car Assessment Program every time. As a pioneer of the automotive safety systems globally, Joyson Safety Systems owned by Joyson Electronics continues to promote the development of the technologies of this area vigorously, with the enterprise spirit as We Save Lives by Innovation. So it has pursed the Automotive Safety System Tech Driven Award, which awarded by China New Car Assessment Program this year.

      With the development of the automotive electronic technologies, automotive safety systems will get the support from this situation and the trend of automotive intelligentization and electrification. After several years of developing and exploring, Joyson Safety Systems has already owned more than 4,000 intellectual property rights. Especially since the year 2018, this firm has not only consolidated its leading position in the fields of airbags, seat belts, and intelligent steering wheels, it has also continued to specialize in the research and development of integrated safety solutions, and speeded up its commercial application. So that it will improve the experience and safety when the users are travelling, and the value of each safety systems.

      Around the whole driving space, including occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety systems, Joyson Safety Systems is committed to the research and development of new technologies for safety systems. In order to promote the transition from zero death to zero accident rapidly, the firm has successively developed integrated safety solutions, such as driver monitoring system (DMS), car occupant monitoring system (OMS), electric seat belt (MSB) and smart steering wheel. 

      What’s more, the firm also has been innovative in the passive safety area, providing the products like passenger airbag (HPAB) and far side airbag (FSAB). Last but not least, the firm as well as provide high-voltage battery disconnect device (PBD). In the foreseeable future, all these products by Joyson Safety Systems will provide all-round driving protection for drivers and passengers.

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