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      Ford Honors Preh at 23rd Annual World Excellence Awards

      Ford Mustang 官網使用.jpg

      (2021.10.20) Dearborn / Novi, MI – Preh has been recognized as a top-performing global supplier at the 23rd annual Ford World Excellence Awards. Preh was announced as a Create Must-have Products & Services World Excellence Award winner at Ford Motor Company’s virtual event on October 11.

      Preh Group CEO Zhengxin “Charlie” Cai said, “I am always very proud when our company is recognized for its innovative power. This is because the Preh Group has a history of innovation, started by founder Jakob Preh more than 100 years ago. I would like to thank all colleagues who have worked tirelessly on the creation of an outstanding solution for Ford: The rotary multi-function knob on a touchscreen. And my thanks go to our customer Ford. It was the excellent cooperation between Ford and Preh, which finally brought this new control interface successfully into series production in the Mustang Mach-E. For Preh, this award win marks a new milestone in our track record of creating world-class HMI solutions, demonstrating what we can achieve by living the essence of our claim ‘PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE’.”

      “Ford Motor Company’s World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing suppliers around the world for helping bring the Ford+ plan to life,” said Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer. “Suppliers like Preh are key to Ford’s continued success as we leverage foundational strengths to build new capabilities and enrich customer experiences.”

      Honorees are recognized for achieving the highest levels of global excellence in categories including:

      Primary brand pillar awards – Treat Customers Like Family, Turn Around Automotive Operations and Compete Like a Challenger, Create Must-Have Products

      Diversity and inclusion awards for suppliers that excel in integrating diversity into their organization and business process

      Sustainability awards for suppliers that improve the business environment

      Gold and Silver Quality awards for supplier manufacturing sites demonstrating superior quality, delivery and cost performance throughout the year.

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