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      Joyson Preh Achieves the Highest Level Certification of Functional Safety Development Process Certified by TüV Nord

      - The highest level of functional safety development process certification

      - Functional safety is increasingly catching the attention of the auto industry

      - Functional safety development process will become a powerful tool for Joyson and Preh

      (2022.02.24) Ningbo, China The development and commercialization of automotive technology and components is inseparable from strict technical review and professional technical evaluation. Recently, Joyson Preh China owned by Joyson Electronics, obtained the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety ASIL D development process certification by TüV North, becoming one of the few automotive electronics suppliers in China that owned the highest level of functional safety development process certification.

      DSC_4375副本 官網使用.jpg

      Nowadays, the functional safety of auto electronics is increasingly catching the attention of the auto industry and customer market. Among them, intelligent cockpit, battery management system and power electronics are all automotive electronic products, which are strongly related to functional safety. With the original and mature experience of the development system of automotive software process improvement and capability assessment (ASPICE), Joyson Preh will further implement the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard, and next guide the development of related products. So it will further boost the research and development of cockpit electronics and E-Mobility eventually.

      Now E-Mobility business of Joyson has achieved mass production of commercial-grade charging and discharging total solutions, with product directions covering battery management and power electronics, etc. On the other hand, Joyson Preh entered the area of intelligent cockpit from HMI products, and formed multi-modal interaction of cockpit through leading capabilities such as system integration, software development, hardware development and intelligent manufacturing. Obviously, functional safety has always been the focus of the R&D and engineering personnel of the firm. 

      In the foreseeable future, the support of a complete functional safety development process will become a powerful tool for Joyson and Preh, to provide the safer and more reliable automotive electronic products.


      About Joyson Electronics

      Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. (600699 SH) is one of the best automotive suppliers for the world's leading automobile manufacturers, owned the Automotive Safety BU, Automotive Electronics BU and Automotive Connectivity BU, etc. It is committed to the R&D and manufacture of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, E-Mobility and automotive safety, etc. Headquartered in Ningbo, China, Joyson has more than 70 bases in 30 countries, over 40,000 employees globally. 

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